What We Do

High Quality Podcasts

7Lamb Productions is focused on delivering high-end audio dramas in a range of specific genres including: spoof film noir, creature horror, apocalyptic science fiction, superhero dramedy, and many others. Each fictional show follows a unique storyline to help the listeners become a part of every unique world.

Who We Are

A Team That Loves to Create

After walking across the country in 2013 Robert found a love for podcasting. Something that helped him pass the time while he walked from Washington state to Key West, a personal challenge that took nearly seven months to complete. When he returned  home to St. Petersburg, FL, he decided he wanted to put his love of writing to the test by creating fictional podcasts, better known as audio dramas. And with the help of several friends he was able to form 7Lamb Productions.

Meet the Hosts

Robert Lamb

Creator, Writer, Producer, Voice Actor

Creator and producer of 7Lamb Productions.
Voice of, Justin Time (Cop Doctors), David
(Paralyzed), Anders (Story), and Ed (Atlas
Avenue Beat).

Jack Austin

Voice Actor

Voice of, Crom and Sammy (Chair of Swords),
Joel and Charlie (Paralyzed), James Lock
(Atlas Avenue Beat), Justin Case (Cop Doctors),
John (Story), and Ambridge (Eand of All Hope).

Meet the Cast

Amy Laureigh

Voice Actor

Voices: Roland (Paralyzed), Edith (Atlas Avenue
Beat), Callie (Movie Night), and Solaria
(Chair of Swords).

Nick Engelhard

Voice Actor

Voices: Mark (End of All Hope), Chase (The Walk),
Knight Night (Chair of Swords, and Kent (Paralyzed).

Hope Ennis

Voice Actor

Voices: Ava (End of All Hope), Katie
(Paralyzed), Nurse Betty (Cop Doctors),
and Kelly (Movie Night).

Brian Messick

Voice Actor

Voices: Steve (Paralyzed), Brad (Movie Night),
Narrator (Chair of Swords), and Arthur
(Atlas Avenue Beat).